Women gamers rising


I’m not saying she’s now the poster child for Women Gamers but I asked some Gamer Ladies and they said this was their first thought.

It was a term that once sparked countless comments and responses. “Girl Gamers” or Women in gaming or so on. The trumpets calls have lessened as of late. The visceral hate tweet and hate mail have seemingly slowly faded into the miasma of the net. Yet, the story is far from over. Far far far from over. There are so many people making so many claims about all the facets of Women Gamers, all I can really add to it is as a man, I’m grateful that Women are continually becoming involved in the market. Please, hold your feverish typing sprees at bay, or don’t I really don’t have a say in that matter, and humor me. I am not trying to be a white knight, I’m not coming to the aid of helpless people that just need a big ol’ strong man to keep them going. That.is.not.me. All I am saying is I’m grateful there’s a bigger demographic than what was once depicted as a gamer.

Pastel Bats.jpg

Also asking further question among my Gamer Girl comrades they said they like pinks and pastel stuff, and that “eff your stereotypes if they look good we like them” Good enough for me.

Have we, men in their mid 20’s, so soon forgotten the pariah we filled. Hapless bastards in our mom’s basement with zit infested faces and rage filled minds. THAT was what we once were. But to hell with em all it’s seemingly moving beyond that. I can’t tell you how relieving it is that women, of all walks of life, are jumping into this sweaty neck-beard infested cesspit of gaming and swimming with the best of us. To me, it adds legitimacy to the very real market and art form of gaming. Instead of being frustrated as what so many have called “interlopers” I see a different perspective helping me to appreciate a game in a different way. It makes me a believer that “Gaming” as a whole is headed in a better direction than first thought in the mid 90’s.

According to a report done by Techworm.net whom sited an increase in women gaming to 41% as of 2016, I see the trend as a slowly rising peak of interest. Honestly, I hope it continues. I don’t even think I can adequately answer most of the male questions or rebut the angry retorts made by male gamers, but I sure as hell would and will try. As it is now I am grateful for how things are moving. I am grateful for the chance to play alongside women or GM for them as I have many many times throughout the years. I look forward to the new perspective and outlook on many a situation, and to all the outcries of anger by the sniveling bastards that are scared of changing the status quo, to hell with em.


When all one has to do is shut up and see the oncoming wave of change, just shut the hell up.Army Man shut up.jpg

p.s. Don’t like this post or have opposing ideals, go for it, comment away and I’d love a rousing debate. Civil of course you Huns.


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