Dice barrage!

Break out the chainmail umbrellas and the graph paper and pencils for an epic adventure. Ok, perhaps not chainmail umbrellas but that’s a pretty neat idea (though kind of heavy). I am proud to write about an up and coming store that has been driving forward on all cylinders towards a cuter and geekier future.




They are and will become the quintessential geeky girl dice and items to be had. Of course, this is not limited to women at all. I for one have seen and am certain to see dice for any and all genders, ages and people of different credo’s and walks of life. It’s a barrage of dice and I, for one, am happy to be in the middle of it.

Their story is almost a fantasy come to life. In the bay area, it’s not unheard of to see these types of stories unfold. People have a great idea, usually a couple of men, they get started in the basement and from there, stardom. Sadly, at least for me, there is countless hours of sleep deprivation and hard work that’s never talked about, but that’s a tale for another time. Suffice to say with a head for business, the marketplace among gamers (especially for women gamers), and a complete hold of what is cute and could be seen as cute, these keen-edged women have a critical range of business acumen increased by two-fold. If that seemed like gibberish, I assure you it wasn’t.

There is so much more to come. So much to be crafted so much to be Researched and Developed. Make no mistake the work is far from over. I have personally walked with them since the inception and have seen and been part of the tireless effort these women have put forward.

Bay area, California, Nations everywhere, I certainly hope you are as hyped as I am for dice and other geeky apparel taking etsy by the throat and running full speed ahead. I will definitely be back on this subject throughout my blogging times. I will offer sneak peeks into the dice being created and the ideas being thrown around. Absolutely keep an eye out and may your dice give you that little bit of an edge to make your saving throw, win at Yahtzee, or just offer a wonderful atmosphere to game night, whatever games they may be.

So ask yourself?

  • Do you need cute dice or unique dice that are hard to find elsewhere (impossible in some cases)?
  • Do you like cute and interesting apparel that aren’t necessarily available at the nearest mall near you?
  • Do you just want to look like a badass with the best f’ingdice at your table or game?

Either way give it a lookie loo, like it or not its one hell of an experience and makes the future seem a lot brighter, and pastel.

Cute Dice Sneak Peek

I for one see these as jewels as well as dice, and the bears an added bonus.

Is the hype train in full motion? Well, head on over to their Etsy webpage and follow them on Instagram. Chances are they’ll update and offer little previews as often, if not more, as I do. Link will be added below, and may the Barrage find you in good health.


Etsy for AhCuteTrements: https://www.etsy.com/shop/AhCuteTrements?ref=search_shop_redirect

Instagram for AhCuteTrements: @ahcutetrements


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